Coomacka Island is an Afro-Caribbean fantasy world developed by co-creators Don P. Hooper and myself. A series of storybooks have been created and are available for purchase on the website. The website includes online games, interactive read-along stories, and printable coloring pages. Young children are drawn to the vivid pictures. Older children find the stories fun to read and enjoy the educational value of learning new words and meaning behind the Swahili names. Adults enjoy folk-tales based in a Caribbean setting and find the stories to be a unique way to motivate children to read.

The Story of
Spider & Ant

Experience the joy of Coomacka Island in the first of many folk-tales on the life of its inhabitants. Spider learns about the dangers of greed and the abuse of friendship.

Anansi Jr and
the Mango Truck

Revisit the world of Coomacka Island as Anansi Jr., the great-great-great grandson of legendary trickster Anansi Spider, learns a lesson in true friendship.

Lenox Lizard and
the Kukumacka Duppy

Join Lenox Lizard and other friends from Coomacka Island as they prepare for the championship football game against the Stoney Hill Scorpions. Lenox will be faced with a difficult choice and have to confront his fear.

Anyoné is a story about a young naturally curious girl with lots of questions. Her questions often lead her to learning more about the world around her. Recently, she discovered a magical book from her local library that taught her about time. This project is still in the preproduction planning phases.

It's About Time

This introductory story is about Anyoné and her determination to learn about time. During this first story, we are introduced to several charaters. We meet Anyoné's mother as she tries to answer Anyoné's multiple questions. We also meet the mysterious Thoth who guides Anyoné on her quest to learn more about time.